Britney falls twice part I.

Britney falls twice part I.

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Patient: Britney
Story This video is a result of a custom project based on the following story:

Its in the morning and Britney just woke up. She is considering to go out to the store to buy some food. She goes to the kitchen and looks into the cabinets. As some of them are hanging up high she climbs up onto a chair to get a better view, but Britney is so unlucky that she falls off and badly hurts her leg. It very painful for her so she calls her girlfriend to ask some help.

Britney is taken to the hospital. After her trousers got cut she gets a beautiful long leg cast with toe plate. She watches the entire procedure how roll by roll her leg disappears in the cast except her french manicured toes.

Even with her leg in a cast Britney does not get too much disappointed and with her girlfriend they visit a nearby park. The idea is that she will practice crunching. As the weather is chilly she wears a sock on her cast. Britney takes this practicing pretty seriously so she tries many things. She starts with ascending stairs with two and even with one forearm crutch only. Later she tests hopping without crutches or go as fast as possible. To have some rest they sit on a bench while her girlfriend examines her cast from a bit closer and plays with Britney's toes under the cast sock.

As the last exercise Britney climbs on the bench. Her girlfriend tries to give her some support but Britney looses her balance and fells off to the ground. She seems to broke her arm as well. As she can not use both of her crutches anymore she gets support from her girlfriend while she gets a taxi to go back to the hospital. 
Length: 31 minutes
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Added: 27/03/2019