Britney falls twice part II.

Britney falls twice part II.

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Patient: Britney
Story This video is a result of a custom project based on the following story:

They arrive to the hospital. After the X-ray reveals that Britney"s arm has been broken they go the the castroom again. After the LATS is applied the doctor explains, that Britney will need now a walking cast as she will not be able to use both crutches anymore. Britney is warned that she should be careful as her leg is not yet ready for heavy walking. Luckily Britney's girlfriend - who has followed the entire cast application procedure - will be able to help her while they are going to home

The girls are cool so before going to home they go into a supermarket to do some shopping.

Few hours later, since the weather is so nice, they go out for some light gimping. Britney knows that she should be careful with putting weight on her injured leg so she brings one of her forearm crutches. After a while, just to see how it would feel, Britney asks her girlfriend to exchange the socks on her cast to a plastic bag.

At home they sit onto a couch and Britney's girlfriend help Britney to take off her shoes and she also examines the casts from a bit closer. Even though Britney wears socks on her cast most of the time her toes always gets cold so she appreciate the little massage from her girlfriend 
Length: 32+3 minutes
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Resolution: 1440x1080
Added: 12/04/2019