Jenifer accident and fiber slwc

Jenifer accident and fiber slwc

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Patient: Jenifer
Story This video is a result of a custom project based on the following story:

Jenifer is sitting on a bench in a park. She looks at her feet and the new blue nail polish on her fingers and toes over her suntan pantyhose and wiggles her toes.

She decides to put on her new thong sandals and watches her feet in the sandals.

When she leaves the park after few steps she feels a hard pain in her right foot so she visits the hospital.

After a short checkup the doctor explains to poor Jenifer, that a bone in her foot is broken and Jenifer needs a SLWC. Jenifer is shocked. The doctor wants to cut of the nylon but Jenifer stops him. She does not want to show her naked toes so she asks whether the cast could be put over her nylon. The doctor is surprised but at the end he starts to apply the cast on Jenifer’s nylon.

After the cast application Jenifer tries her new fiber walking cast and walks without crutches in the castroom and in the hospital as well.

In the final scenes Jenifer gimps through the streets.
Length: 32 minutes
Size (format): 1,9GB (MWV - download player)
Resolution: 1440x1080
Added: 20/06/2018