Kimberly plaster LLWC+LAC story

Kimberly plaster LLWC+LAC story

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Patient: Kimberly
Story This video is a result of a custom project based on the following story:
(Girls are speaking in English in this movie!)

The story starts with two girls preparing for a going out.
Kimberly is in a not too old plaster LAC due to a recent bicycle accident.
While they are both doing their makeups, nail painting, etc Kimberly is telling the story of her accident and also her first experiences with the cast application and how her life has been changed since the cast is on.
Kimberly prefers flat shoes but she thinks that it is now or never to try going out in wedge sandals so she borrow a pair from her girlfriend

Just right after leaving the apartment, in the staircase of the building Kimberly misses a step and falls. She holds her leg in pain with her casted arm. Her leg does not seem to be broken so Kim decides that she just goes home by taxi hoping that by tomorrow she will be ok.

In the next scene we see Kimberly in the castroom, getting a bed news. Even though the lack of typical symptoms her leg is badly broken so a full white plaster LLWC has to be applied with one forearm crutch to balance it out. 

Next day we see Kimberly at home. She decides to wear flat shoes because of the casts and puts on some thick white sport socks. One white sock for the shoe and the other white sock over the plaster LLWC.
She calls her girlfriend and tells her about the second cast application and describes the cast she got. Kim's girlfriend thinks that this can be only a joke and does not believe in what Kimberly says.

They decide to meet so that Kim can prove that the story is true
She puts a white sock on the cast and walks outside the house with her crutch.

Now we can see Kimberly outside in the city at a public place, walking through the crowd in direction to the house of her friend. She balance her walk with the one crutch. She shows her shiny white plaster LAC and LLWC with the white socks to the people in the streets. A couple even get her interviewed (in Hungarian, but they are curious about what has happened with this poor girl and where these two cast were applied so nicely...)

Later Kim takes a short break at a bench to rest her legs. She puts the casted leg on the bench and rubbing her toes through the white sock over the cast. After some seconds she continues her way.

Kimberly arrives to the house of her girlfriend and meets her in the flat.
They have a short talk about  the matching white socks and take a seat on a sofa while playing around with her white socked feet. Kim's girlfriend is excited about the big plaster LLWC, so Kim explains everything in details while her girlfriend is exploring the cast and tries how hard the plaster is while knocking on the casts with their fingers and nails.

After a short conversation, they decide to go outside and take a short walk through the streets. Both girls are wearing shoes and short clothes. They take a walk through a public street while talking to each other.
Length: 30 minutes
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Resolution: 1440x1080
Added: 07/09/2017