Marisha double plaster LLC story part II.

Marisha double plaster LLC story part II.

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Patient: Marisha

This video is a result of a custom project based on the following story:

Part II: at home

Nurse Julie and the doctor helps Marisha to escape from the traction. Later on the hospital corridor Julie quickly teaches Marisha how to go around with the wheelchair.

In the upcoming days Marisha gets slowly used to her situation.

DAY 1: Marisha tries hard alone. She transfers herself from the wheelchair to a couch. Her phone falls down to the floor so that she has to climb down to the floor and crawl around to find it. Later she climbs back to the couch and calls a girlfriend to visit her and help.

DAY 2: Her girlfriend arrives in high heels and she is very excited about the casts and the wheelchair. Marisha asks her girlfriend to help putting on nylon stockings. There is little toe wiggling too.

DAY 3: Marisha's  girlfriend comes back few days later and brings underarm crutches to Marisha. Marisha is in a much better shape, to prove it she moves from the wheelchair to the couch without help. Her girlfriend suggests that she should try to go around with using the crutches only.

Length: 20 minutes
Size (format): 1,17GB (MWV - download player)
Resolution: 1440x1080
Added: 12/02/2018