Reese party injury story part I.

Reese party injury story part I.

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Patient: Reese

This video is a result of a custom project based on the following story:

Prelude (not filmed!): Reese hurt her leg during a night out while tripping on some stairs with her high heels. She didn’t think it was that bad at first, but finally an ambulance was called, the paramedics put her injured foot in a temporary splint, gave her crutches and she was scheduled for further examination later on.

Part I: the cast application

Reese arrives on crutching into the waiting area of the hospital. She is still in her party outfit from her night out (stockings, short skirt, jacket), one high heel shoe on her right foot, the other one she carries in her bag.

Her left foot is in a temporary splint. The doctor suggests that Reese should take off her other high heel too as it is not a proper footwear to have while being on crutches. In the same time the doctor applies a cool pack on the splint to decrease pain.

Later Reese is called. She takes her crutches, gets up and crutches into the examination room, still hoping that she would probably get away with only a brace and crutches or in a SLWC in the worst case.

Reese is helped to sit onto the examination bed while her injured leg is being elevated. She is absolutely thunderstruck when she is informed that she not only severely sprained her ankle and tore some ligaments, but that her x-ray also shows a little break in her shin bone.

As it is not completely broken so she won’t have to be non weight bearing but an LLWC has to be applied.

She is positioned for the casting procedure, her splint comes off and her leg is put in a perfect classic plaster LLWC with toeplate.

Reese still can´t believe it, but she resigns to her fate, leans back and let it all happen. She takes out her mobile phone while her leg disappears under the layers of plaster and calls a girlfriend explaining what has happened and ask her whether she could come to pick her up and bring some other clothes and a sports sneaker for her to get home and maybe accompany her to her apartment.

After the cast application procedure Reese is left waiting on the examination table to let the cast dry sufficiently so she can go home.

Her girlfriend enters the room bringing the wanted things. Later she also demonstrates how Reese should be crutching with this huge cast on her leg.

After some crutching on the hospital corridors they leave the hospital.

Length: 30 minutes
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Added: 16/04/2018