Reese party injury story part II.

Reese party injury story part II.

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Patient: Reese

This video is a result of a custom project based on the following story:

Part II: at home

After some non weight bearing crutching on the street with a pink sock on the plaster LLWC they arrive to Reese's place.

Reese struggles up the staircase to her apartment.

Reese remembers that she has an appointment later that day that she can´t miss and asks her friend to help her get ready for it.

Her girlfriend starts to clean Reese´s toes from the plaster residue first, then notices that Reese forgot to paint her toes. This has to change. The toes have to look as good as possible on their toe plate for the date.

Reese's girlfriend fetches a stool and lifts her huge casted leg on it. She also fetches a dark colored nail polish and starts polishing Reese´s toes.

After that job is done, Reese gets up and goes to the bathroom to do her hair and make up, hobbles to the bedroom looking for appropriate clothes. They don´t know what to do first with the tights on her casted leg, then decide to cut one leg at mid thigh and tug the remaining part of the tights into the top end of the cast and do the same thing with the toe part of the tights and put it over Reese's toes neatly tugging the rest under the cast as if she was wearing pantyhose under the cast.

Reese gets into a more elegant shoe and clothes, takes both of her crutches again and the friends leave the apartment. Reese struggles down the stairs, they leave the house say good-bye and Reese crutches away to her appointment.

Length: 27 minutes
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Added: 22/04/2018