Sherry special Achilles plaster SLC story

Sherry special Achilles plaster SLC story

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Patient: Sherry
Story This video is a result of a custom project based on the following story:

Sherry comes limping along the street to the doctor´s office. During a tough night out she badly twisted her foot. She is still in her evening clothes (nylon pantyhose and everything).

She carries her one high heel in her hands and can only carefully tiptoe on her bad foot or hop along with her foot helplessly dangling. There is clearly something wrong with her Achilles tendon!

When she reaches the hospital she struggles up the stairs and sits down in the waiting area with her injured foot put up on a chair. While she waits she tries to move her immobile ankle and gently touches and strokes her injured and hurting heel and tendon through the pantyhose. Then she is called in.

Sherry hobbles in and is helped on the examination bed. Her foot is examined and painfully manipulated in several directions. After that it becomes clear that she will need a special pointed plaster  SLC cut at the heel.

The pantyhose cut off and the cast is applied. After the cast is finished Sherry hops out to the waiting area again where her foot is elevated to let the cast dry a bit. During that time Sherry examines her unexpected new footwear with the strange heel cut out.

After the cast has dried sufficiently she is given underarm crutches and after a short training with them Sherry is released. She struggles down the stairs and enter the street.

Finally Sherry heads home while sometimes she puts her casted leg over the handle of one of her crutches.

Length: 32 minutes
Size (format): 1,9GB (MWV - download player)
Resolution: 1440x1080
Added: 25/06/2018